Infertility help

What is Women Infertility ?

The answer to this question is
Women who are trying, but for some reason can't
conceive a baby.
These women will need Infertility Help.

There are quite a number of  Infertility Causes why
some women aren't able to conceive.

Women Infertility  will be either primary infertility or
secondary infertility.

Primary Infertility

This means that the women has never had a baby or
conceived a baby before.

Secondary Infertility

 This means that you have conceived before and you
have carried the baby to full term. So you already have
children. But for some reason you are unable to conceive

Infertility Help

When a couple have been trying for a baby for 12 months
or more, 6 months if the women is 35 or older. But still
not conceived. A Doctor would say that they have infertility
problems, also that they need Infertility help.

Infertility Tests 

Both the man and women will have to have infertility tests
done. This is to find out what the Infertility Causes are
that are stopping them from conceiving a baby.

Women Infertility

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