Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Infertile Women gives birth - Treat Infertility

Stanford scientists have discovered a new way
to Treat Infertility.
They have called it In Vitro Activation or IVA
for short. This new treatment so far, helps
women who have Primary Ovarian Insufficiency.
There is hope that this treatment will also give
Infertility Help to women, who have Infertility Causes
like early menopause and women who are
aged 40 to 45.
The study took place in Japan and 27 women
took part.

This special baby was delivered by caesarean
section was perfectly healthy.
Both parents and Doctor who performed the
caesarean hugged and cried.

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  1. We experienced infertility for a long time, but had a happy ending with four babies born in November of 2010. They recently turned 3. I saw your post on Baby Center.